Where are you stopping yourself from increasing your income?

Every few weeks I like to brainstorm a list of ideas and opportunities for me to expand my business (it keeps me focused on opportunities instead of problems).

I’ve been spending some time checking in with myself for my next area of inner growth, so I added something new to the process. I’ve been looking at my patterns, observing my strengths, and looking to see where I hold myself back.

Where I stop myself from reaching my goal as quickly and easily as I’d like. Because when I’m in alignment internally with my mindset with what I want externally, things happen quickly and easily. So whenever I’m looking to grow and I’m feeling some struggle, it’s time to check in with my mindset.

So, if you’re not making the money you want or attracting the clients you want there’s something going on internally with you that’s holding you back.

Watch the video below to find out where you might stopping yourself from reaching your goals and increasing your income. We’re going to help you see where and how you’re stopping yourself and start to shift it so you can create your breakthrough quickly and easily!

What insights and aha’s did you get from the video? Share in the comments below.

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