What Lights You Up?

The whisper of an idea…
The tiny flame of inspiration…
     ”You know what would be fun?” you think,
“but no, I could never…”
and the spark begins to dim.
For years, you’ve been quietly looking,
searching for inspiration,
Gathering clues.
And, if you’re like me, quickly talking yourself out of them.
Fear says, “I can’t because…”
But what if you could?
What if?
What if there were no obstacles?
What if everything and everyone were taken care of exactly as they needed to be?
What if the path were clear for you?
What would you do?
Because, lovebug, I’m here to tell you,
It’s time! and You can!
You wouldn’t have the idea, the spark, the whisper, if the way to create it didn’t exist for you.
The path is right in front of you.
Are you ready to follow it?
All it takes is the first step. The decision to move toward what you want. To say “Yes” to Living Your Soul Purpose.
It’s time! and You can!
To be open to your highest good.
To say “Yes!” to what light’s you up!
It’s a decision I make every day! And as soon as I do, the next step on the path appears:
Aligned Actions
Divine Coincidences

Last week I woke up feeling giddy with joy. So many good things are happening in my life. That’s what happens when you say “Yes!” to Living Your Soul Purpose. I’d like to help you do the same. Click here to get started —>> http://katiegoode.com/work-with-me/

It’s not always easy. Sometimes fear, doubt, self-sabotage sound loud in our minds.
But you don’t have to listen.
Listen instead to “Yes! You can do this!” Because you can!
I’m here and I’ll help you!
Because you can and it’s time!
Click here to get started —>> http://katiegoode.com/work-with-me/
Wishing you infinite blessings in all ways, always,

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