Undercharging? This is for you

I’m getting ready to meet a friend to go wine tasting at some of the local wineries, but before I left I wanted to send you this note. I wanted to talk to you about something you might be doing that is, not only costing you money, but could also be harming your clients…

If you’re undercharging, click below to watch this video:

So I hope this helped and that you’re able to see how important it is for you to value yourself and price your services in a way that inspires confidence in your clients.

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  1. Janice
    3 years ago

    thank you for the video. I have raised my prices and then I had people get angry with me. Not that I wasn’t worth it, they said. But they were in a lack of money consciousness. at $125/90 minutes. I realize all is a mirror and I am working through my own issues on this feeling worthy to charge a higher amount. But I have kept my prices as close to the same as everyone else in my office I share with other practitioners. I am charging $95/90 minutes, and $75/60 minutes. I went up to $100 and $80 my business has been even slower and I often go back to the 95 and 75. The lady who got mad at me was I was going to charge $125/90 min. and $100 for hour. I do spiritual massage and bodywork, shaman healing, medical intuition and psychic readings, I have a huge amount of spiritual skills and I am really good, People love me but recently its been slow. What do you suggest?

    • Katie Goode
      3 years ago

      Hi Janice, Our environment is a reflection of whatever is going on internally so I have a question for you. Do you believe with 100% certainty that you’re worth the amount you want to charge? Get clear on your value! Why do people love you? It sounds like there might also be a little fear of being judged that might be stopping you from moving forward with raising your fee.

  2. Holly Worton
    3 years ago

    I love the story of $.99 wine! That is such a great image. I totally agree with your perspective on pricing. I know that I price higher than other people that do similar work to mine, and I know I lose clients because of this. I’m fine with that. I’ve muscle tested on my pricing, and I know that what I’m charging was right for me when I set my prices. I also know I’ll need to check in at some point to see whether they’re still right for me, or if they need to change.

    A woman at a course I took told the following story: a friend of hers had placed an ad in a magazine to get clients. She was charging £20 x hour (about $30 USD). She got her first client from the ad, had a great session, and when the women went to pay her, she gave her £200. The woman was shocked and corrected her: it was just £20 an hour. The client told her that there must have been a misprint in the ad, which said £200 an hour. She also told her that she wouldn’t have booked a session if she had thought it would be just £20. Lesson learned.

    • Katie Goode
      3 years ago

      I love that story Holly! We don’t realize how our limiting beliefs and fears around money cost us clients, but your fee really sends a message about your value. Sometimes the universe gives us a nudge to let us know that we need to value ourselves more.