The Freedom of Accepting Yourself

sitting closeup croppedI’ve been thinking for a while now that I wanted to redo the pictures I have of myself on my website.
My initial thought was, “Well, you’ll have to wait until your hair grows back. There’s NO WAY you can post pictures of how you look right now.”
My second thought was, “And there’s DEFINITELY no way you could ever post pictures of yourself bald on the internet!”
Lack of self acceptance strikes again.
How often do you hold back on doing something because you don’t look a certain way, or you don’t have enough training or experience, or…
the never ending list of reasons fear uses to try to convince you you’re not good enough
Well, lovebug, you don’t have to listen to that inner critic anymore. Nothing that it says is your truth.
I realized that if I truly wanted to accept myself and make that a priority for how I live my life, I needed to do the exact opposite of what fear said.
So I reached out to my friend, Kendra, told her what I was thinking and asked if she’d be willing to take my picture.
We both got a little teary when I explained she’s the only person I thought of who I’d be comfortable taking my hat off and showing my bald head for pictures.
It was such a beautiful, joyful experience (I think this picture really captures the joy of the moment, which is why I’m using it as my website and email header)
joy header
and I’m so glad I took a risk and said “yes” to accepting myself exactly where I am. Right now!
And I hope you do the same. Magical things start to happen when you do!
Wishing you infinite blessings in all ways, always,

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