It’s not about working harder!

You may be doing everything you can think of to grow your business and wondering why it hasn’t happened yet. I’ve seen this happen over and over again.

No matter how hard or how long you work, you still aren’t getting the results you’d like in your business.

It feels like a never ending uphill battle… It feels like it’s not really worth it, like you made a mistake, or worse, like something’s wrong with you.

But the real issue isn’t with what you’re doing to market and build your business, the real issue is that there’s something holding you back on the INSIDE.

When there’s a struggle on the OUTSIDE, it means there’s a struggle on the INSIDE.

If you’re experiencing struggle in growing your business or the results aren’t happening as fast as you’d hoped, it just means there’s an inner conflict that affects how you think and feel, as well as your beliefs and fears.

Which is really good news. Because you can change your thoughts and feelings with a little work.

If there’s an exterior struggle, like not as many clients or as much money as you’d like, it just means that there’s a thought or belief that’s holding you back.

When I was in grad school and doing my internship to become a licensed psychotherapist, I was surrounded by a lot of people holding the belief that “It’s hard to make a living as a therapist.” and without even realizing it, I had absorbed that belief. I knew I WANTED to have a successful private practice working with clients I loved, but I didn’t BELIEVE it was possible.
And so it wasn’t.

I struggled. I held myself back. I didn’t think it was possible to create an amazing business, so I didn’t take the ACTION that would make it happen.

The GOOD news is, once you clear those limiting beliefs, the results you want happen almost instantly. That’s what happened to me and continues to happen.

The more you work on matching your BELIEFS with what you WANT, the more opportunities appear, the more clients and income you will have, and the easier it is. And I mean really easy. (And before you start going into all of the reasons why we’re different and it won’t happen for you… I’m just like you. Once you work on your beliefs about your private practice, you can experience the same results. That’s what we focus on right away in my coaching programs.)

It’s not about working harder! If you want different results, you must change your BELIEFS, let go of your fears and doubts and have faith that it is possible.

Remember: FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

If you’re sitting there thinking:
“I’m not good enough.”
“They won’t pay what I want to charge.”
“I’m a failure.”
“I don’t know how.”
“I won’t be able to handle that many clients.”

You’re letting false evidence hold you back and we need to change that if you want to see different results. Otherwise, you’ll continue to work really hard and continue to struggle.

If you want to succeed, it’s time to get rid of these false and limiting negative beliefs. The first step is to notice which beliefs are sabotaging you on a daily basis. Once you’re clear on them, replace them with empowering, more accurate, thoughts and beliefs like:
“I am good enough. I have this training and my clients have achieved these results.”
“The work I do is really valuable and people will pay to achieve these results. i just need to learn how to communicate that value so they can move forward with working with me.”
“I have achieved goals in the past and I will achieve this goal as long as I stay focused and keep working toward it.”

This will immediately change your behaviors, which will create new opportunities, bring you new clients and more income faster than you ever thought possible.

It doesn’t have to be a struggle.

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Wishing you love and abundance,

Katie Goode
Money Mindset Coach and Licensed Psychotherapist

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What if you gave yourself permission to receive?

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