Did you hear about Laura?

I’m taking some time this morning to do some energy clearing for myself to clear and align my future chakra and life path, but I wanted to make sure you heard about what happened with Laura.
Laura is a client of mine who’s story I shared during the Align and Allow more Love energy clearing call.
About a month and a half ago, Laura reached out to work with me. She’s a hairstylist, she’s been working at the same salon for about 20 years, she makes OK money, has OK clients. Things were OK, but she wanted more!
We had a session where one of the things that came up for Laura was a pattern she had where people in her life didn’t always treat her the way she’d like to be treated.
As soon as I asked her about it, she thought of her best friend. Over the past 6 months her friend had become more and more critical and it was getting to the point that she would come into the salon to get her hair done and criticize Laura’s work in front of other clients.
Laura had tried talking to her about it, but it just didn’t go anywhere. Until…
We worked on Laura’s feelings of deserving and loving herself.
You see, Laura had to believe she deserved to be treated better before she could ask other people to treat her better.
(That’s where the whole aligning and allowing more love thing comes in.)
Since that session, Laura’s friend stopped making the comments, but it gets even better!
She’s opening her own salon! Something she’s dreamed of for years, but never considered before. She’s actually putting the finishing touches on the decor AND she’s got a waiting list of clients for when she opens.
And if that’s not enough, she and her husband are applying to be foster parents.
Laura started loving herself more, believing she deserved more, and as a result she’s created so much more for her life than she would have thought possible.
Wishing you infinite blessings in all ways, always,

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