Are you ready to feel joy in your business and life?

My parents had a pool party last weekend and it was so much fun watching as my cousin took his baby into a swimming pool for the first time.

Before he even touched the water he was laughing and clapping. His squeals of joy as he kicked his little legs and splashed had us all laughing.

We all have the potential for this kind of joy in our lives and as entrepreneurs a big part of your life is your business.

There’s a quote from Marianne Williamson’s in her book “A Return to Love” that I want to share. She says,

“If something makes your heart sing, that’s God’s way of telling you it’s a contribution He wants you to make.”

So, if instead of joy or having your heart sing, you’re feeling fear or stuck in struggle, this is for you…

Do you want to stop struggling and instead start creating the business and life you want?

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